Produced Water Society Permian Basin Conference 2024

When: August 12–14, 2024 - get iCal link

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Location: Midland County Horseshoe Arena
2514 Arena Trl, Midland, TX 79701, United States (view map)

The Produced Water Society (PWS) is hosting its 9th Annual Permian Basin Conference this August 12-14th, at the Horseshoe Arena and we invite you to help lead the conversation.

The Permian Basin is a cornerstone of American energy security. It's one of the most prolific oil and gas basins in the world, playing a vital role in meeting our nation's energy needs. It is also a drought prone region now encountering several seismic challenges.

Oil and gas production in the Permian Basin comes with a significant challenge of managing produced water in a cost-effective way. This water, brought up alongside oil and gas, often requires treatment before disposal or reuse. Responsible management of produced water is crucial for:

Energy Production: Without water we can’t frac.
Environmental Protection: Improper handling can contaminate freshwater sources and harm ecosystems.
Operational Efficiency: Effective treatment allows for the reuse of produced water in fracturing operations, reducing reliance on freshwater resources.
Cost Reduction: Proper disposal methods minimize costs associated with transporting and injecting large volumes of water.

By sponsoring the PWS Permian Basin event, you'll be at the forefront of discussions shaping the future of responsible and sustainable produced water management and being part of the circular economy practices. You will be showcasing and sharing about the technology and processes that will help the beneficial reuse practices, implement energy expansion projects such as abstracting high value minerals and producing hydrogen from produced water.

Being part of the PWS Permian event you can,

Reach Key Decision-Makers: Connect with the leading E & Ps representative, end users, industry leaders, engineers, technology providers, researchers, investors, and regulators focused on solving this critical challenge.
Showcase Your Expertise: Position your company as a leader in produced water treatment, technology, or related services.
Shape the Conversation: Influence the future of produced water management in this rapidly growing region.

Together, we can ensure responsible and sustainable produced water management in the Permian Basin and contribute to a secure energy future.

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Phone: 713-569-4171

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